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Dog Parks with Water Play

During the hot summer months, get out and get wet! Dogs love to play in the water. These Portland area dog friendly parks with water play areas are great spots to cool off with your canine companion.

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Shared park with an off-leash area. Great views of the river. There are no poop bags or water so be prepared. This is a personal favorite of mine. You can walk on the riverfront beach area while the doggies romp in the water and the view towards downtown Portland around sunset,is very beautiful. This is a smaller park but lovely and worth the visit.
SE Spokane St. & Oaks Pkwy. Portland Parks and Recreation

Sellwood Riverfront Oaks Park

Sandy River Delta

Sandy River Delta is the largest Portland off-leash area. Many trails lead to Sandy River or Columbia River.
Exit 18 on I-84 near Troutdale.The Sandy River Delta is by far the largest of Portland's off-leash areas, and a treasure for dog owners that love to run, good for swimming, hiking, or just wander aimlessly with their pooch. The "Delta" comprises 1400 acres of wilderness trails, nestled between I-84, the Sandy River, and the Columbia River. The majority of the miles of trails within the park are officially designated as off-leash. The main exception to the off-leash rule is the parking area and the Confluence Trail, which runs from the parking area to the bird viewing area on the Columbia. In both of these areas you'll want to make sure your dogs are on leash because they do frequently ticket. Many of the trails lead to either the Sandy River or the Columbia River, so it's a great place to take your pooch to swim on summer days. The hike from the parking area to the rivers can be several miles, so be sure to bring along water just in case. The park is immense, will a plethora of wide open fields for stellar games of fetch. Bring your binoculars and camera, as the park is great for shutter bugs and birders. The park has recently been given a major overhaul, and now includes substantial parking, toilets, dog bag stations, and several garbage cans near the parking area. There is no running water in the park, so bring your own.

Sandy River Delta Trailhead

Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park is a pet-friendly park in Portland, OR. The park features a half-acre off-leash area for dogs and is located underneath the St. John's bridge and is adjacent to the Willamette River. Water is available, but pet owners should bring their own poop bags.
N. Edison St.&Pittsburg Ave. Portland, OR, US Portland Parks and Recreation

Cathedral Park

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