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Let's go hiking! Sometimes you and your dog just want to get away from the phones, traffic and noise. Hiking is such an wonderful way to unwind and get some exercise. Enjoy the scenery and get some fresh air with your dog on these dog friendly hiking trails.

Forest Park - Wildwood Trail
The 30 mile Wildwood trail is located in Forest Park, the largest forested urban park in the United States (5,400+ acres).

2999 NW Upshur Street is one of several entries.

Tryon Creek State Park
650+ acres of forest in SW Portland. Several trails to choose from.

11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd
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Sauvie Island Warrior Rock Trails
Shady forest trail takes you to the Warrior Rock Lighthouse along the shores of the Columbia River.

Council Crest Park

Council Crest Park in Portland, OR is pet-friendly. This 43-acre property features a 2-acre off-leash area that is perfect for exercising Fido. Your dog will enjoy the ample space to roam free, but come prepared, as there are no poop bags or fresh water for the dogs.
SW Council Crest Dr & SW Greenway Ave Portland, OR, US  MAP

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